About Us

About Company

Juice Pack Industries Pvt Ltd was founded in 2001 by our Former Chairman Mr.Nisar Ahmed Bhatti and his son, our Current Chief Executive Officer Mr. Numan Farid.

Our company established itself with the responsibility to provide customers at home & abroad with new & diversified food products. Since its foundation, the company has been producing a wide range of quality fruit and flavoured drinks which can be found in various countries of the world.

The company’s personnel are keenly aware of the importance of the customer satisfaction with product quality, delivery schedule, & price. To sustain corporate growth, there is a company wide commitment to research & development focused on improving product quality, strengthening delivery times, & strengthening price competitiveness.

Juice Pack Industries is managed by a group of highly experienced professionals having unique blend administration, engineering & marketing capabilities.

Our firm considers all it’s stakeholders as one family keen on ensuring that it produces the best quality beverages and maintains its standard for the coming future .